There are times when respite is needed for carers; times when refreshment, uninterrupted sleep or a general break will do the carer/s a world of good and enable you to return to caring with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Respite Assistance

Whether you need respite occasionally, one morning a week or longer, NASC staff can step in to help you.

Respite Accommodation

Coordinated in or out-of-home respite opportunities and overnight short term accommodation is available in facilities located within the community.

Depending on availability, respite may also be offered at NASC accommodation in one of our homes serviced by fully trained and qualified Support Staff.

  • Kadina Respite Home accommodates up to three clients and is wheelchair accessible
  • Evanston Supported Accommodation houses two clients
  • Gawler Respite Home accommodates three clients at any one time

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